Lidar 3D Object Detector Node

Maintained by Ragib Arnab


A ROS node which performs 3D object detection on LiDAR data using MMDetection3D API.

Any LiDAR object detection models supported by that package can be used by this node. To use a model, specify the path to the config and checkpoint in the parameters file /navigator/param/perception/lidar_objdet3d_params and use that when launching this node. In this project, configs and checkpoints are stored under /navigator/data/perception in their respective directories.


  • /lidar PointCloud2
    • Receives raw LiDAR point cloud data.


lidar_callback(lidar_msg: PointCloud2)

Takes in LiDAR input, performs 3D object detection using MMDetection3D API, and publishes the results as an Object3DArray message.