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15 November 2023

New Members and Goals! 23-24

by Nova

Welcome aboard, all new NOVA members!

This is our largest recruiting year ever; we welcomed 14 new members to the team. 9 of which are part of the development team and 4 of which are part of the Hardware, Firmware and Electrical (HFE) team. The positive energy and work ethic that we have seen from this team in just this short period of time gives us high hopes for what this group of talented individuals can accomplish in the next year. Our current team composition is as follows:

Our development team consists of returning member Stepan Antonyuk, and new members Neil Agrawal, Ahmad Bajwa, Anjana Bharadwaj, Vindhya Kaushal, Prateek Mishra, Josh Pahman, Gueren Sanford, Ayush Sharma, and Haneesh Tummalapalli. On our HFE team, we have returning members Meyli Colmenero, Sasha Luich, and Jai Peris, with new members Abhinav Gummadi, Yuvraj Kashyap, Andy Nguyen, and Akhila Varanasi. Fletcher Lauber will join our team as the new PR director where he will manage digital media and community outreach efforts, and Kyle Zeng will be our photographer.

Daniel Vayman will be our project lead, and the one and only Justin Ruths will be our glorious supervisor and advisor.

Members pose during our 2023 Fall Kickoff

In true NOVA fashion, we would also like to say goodbye to last year’s members who have moved on from the project. We appreciate all their valuable contributions to the team, and we would not have come close to our goals without their commitment to the project. We have a lot in store for this year, so we would like to briefly explain what we have coming up and where you can keep up with us!

Last year culminated in Demo 2, where Hail Bopp drove us 2 miles east of campus with no hands on the wheel! We consider it a huge success, and great proof of concept. This year, we have BIG plans to show what Nova is truly capable of. Our software and hardware have much to improve and expand upon, so we’ll be busy.

Also for this year, we’ll be much, MUCH more active on social media and beyond. One event coming up soon is the Richardson Holiday Parade. Keep an eye out Hail Bopp!

To keep up with our progress and any of our events, follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and check out the rest of the website.

See you guys soon!