Driving is hard, but humans make it look easy. We're UT Dallas's applied autonomous driving project, and we're making driving look easier than ever.

ECSW 1.460 & 2.445

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New Members and Goals! 23-24 11/15/23
Planning with cost maps 2/13/23
What's up with Nova? 2/2/23
New members (and goodbyes) 10/23/22
Why we like Nova (video) 8/27/22

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New Members and Goals! 23-24

11/15/23, by Nova

Planning with cost maps

2/13/23, by Will Heitman

What's up with Nova?

2/2/23, by Will Heitman, team lead

New members (and goodbyes)

10/23/22, by Will Heitman, team lead

Why we like Nova (video)

8/27/22, by Will Heitman

Two months left!

3/3/22, by Will Heitman

Behavior Planning and Controls - Egan Johnson

1/11/22, by Dylan Hiu

Data Visualization & Interface - Raghav Pillai

11/12/21, by Dylan Hiu

Firmware Specialist - Avery Bainbridge

11/12/21, by Dylan Hiu

Technical Artist Deep Dive - Phu Le

11/4/21, by Dylan Hiu

Hello, new members! (And goodbye to an old one)

10/12/21, by Will Heitman

Rewiring Voltron

8/23/21, by Will Heitman

Simulated Driving

8/3/21, by Will Heitman

Reorganizing Our Stack

8/3/21, by Will Heitman

Getting Things Rolling With Demo 1

7/9/21, by Will