System overview

Table of contents

  1. Testing locally
  2. Editing online

This documentation site is built off of Navigator’s dev branch. All files within the /doc directory are remapped to

Adding to the site is easy. Here are two good options:

Testing locally

To test locally, cd into /docs and run


This build script won’t run unless you’re exporting a ROS_DOMAIN_ID environment variable. Here’s the original command:

docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll:Z" -e JEKYLL_UID=$UID -e JEKYLL_GID=$UID -p $port:$port jekyll/jekyll jekyll serve --port $port

Use a browser to view localhost:(8000 + ROS_DOMAIN_ID). Refresh the page to show the latest updates. See the official Docker README for more info.

Editing online

On GitHub, move to the /docs directory on the dev branch (here), then press the period key on your keyboard. This will open GitHub’s web editor. See here for more info.