Navigator topics

Maintained by Daniel Vayman

Last Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Does not include Carla topics

  • /lidar: Unfiltered pointclouds formatted from our Lidars.
  • /lidar/filtered: Ground segmented pointclouds
  • /gnss/odometry: Odometry obtained from our GNSS RTK.
  • /speed: Speed obtained from our GNSS RTK formatted into our CarlaSpeedometer message.
  • /cameras/cameraX: Image messages obtained from our physical/simulator cameras.

  • /grid/occupancy/current: A static, current OccupancyGrid message.
  • /grid/masses: Similar formatting as the above, only a custom Masses grid that uses DST & decay for inference models.
  • /grid/junction: OccupancyGrid that represents an intersection.
  • /grid/stateful_junction: OccupancyGrid that represents the same intersection, only high or low cost depending on status.
  • /grid/drivable: OccupancyGrid that represents driveable area (lanes).
  • /grid/route_distance: OccupancyGrid that represents distance to center line of path (cost gradient).
  • /grid/steering_cost: OccupancyGrid that represents steering angle after compounding previous cost maps.
  • /grid/speed_cost: OccupancyGrid that represents possible speed after compounding previous cost maps.

  • /planning/rough_route: A rough Path published by the Carla simulator.
  • /planning/smoothed_route: A rough Path compiled from a pre-defined physical route (linestring).
  • /planning/route: A final route Path translated either from /planning/rough_route (Carla) or /planning/smoothed_route (Navigator).
  • /planning/is_waiting: A Bool message that represents a waiting status to enter a junction.
  • /planning/target_speed: A CarlaSpeedometer message that holds a target speed used in intersection speed management.

  • /joy: A Joy message published by ROS2’s joystick drivers, used for teleoperation.
  • /requested_mode: A custom Mode message that governs our control output (disabled, manual, auto).
  • /vehicle/control: Custom VehicleControl that holds Throttle/Brake/Steering(TBS) values used by our controller and sent to our actuation nodes.