Routing Monitor

Maintained by Nova


The Routing Monitor Node is responsible for monitoring and processing route information for navigation purposes. It subscribes to the /planning/rough_route topic to receive a rough route, processes it, and republishes the smoothed route on the /planning/smooth_route topic. Additionally, it provides a service for setting the route and handles clock synchronization.


  • /planning/rough_route Path

  • /planning/smoothed_route Path

  • /clock Clock


  • /planning/smooth_route Path


Continuously publishes the smoothed route with synchronized timestamps. It ensures that the route message is updated with the latest clock information.


Requests a refined route from the MapManager service. It takes the initial and destination points from the rough route, constructs a request, and sends it to the service. Once the request is sent, the function tracks its state to prevent multiple requests and ensures that the route is refined only once.