3D Multi-Object Tracker Node

Maintained by Ragib Arnab


A ROS node which performs tracking-by-detection to assign unique IDs to objects from 3D object detection. Estimates the states of objects using a Kalman filter with a constant acceleration model and then applies greedy matching to match bounding boxes. More details available in the source repository.

Parameters to tune the tracker can be found under /navigator/param/perception/lidar_objdet3d_params.


  • /objdet3d_raw Object3DArray
    • Receives an array of untracked 3D objects.


  • /objdet3d_tracked Object3DArray
    • Publishes an array of tracked 3D objects, where each object now has a unique ID.

detection_callback(detection_msg: Object3DArray)

Takes in untracked 3D objects as input, performs tracking-by-detection and assigns unique IDs, then publishes the results as an Object3DArray message.