Nova has typically pursued a dedicated recruitment of new members in the Fall of each school year. Sometimes people miss this window, but still want to join. As such, we have introduced another form of recruitment.

The onboarding process at Nova is nontrivial, but also crucial to your ability to contribute long-term to the project. So, getting new members up-to-speed takes a while and a lot of effort (but it is certainly worth it!).

Nova Open Door Policy

Nova’s open door policy is our way to allow motivated students to join Nova mid-year. In short, if you can


  1. complete the onramp exercise on your own (certainly help from Google, but no friends)
  2. make a pull request to Navigator that contains a substantive contribution
  3. notify us via email:

Vehicle Engineers (Hardware, Firmware, Electrical)

  1. email your resume and/or portfolio to, along with your reason for applying

Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography

  1. email your resume and/or portfolio to, along with your reason for applying

then you will be considered for membership. These requests will be evaluated at any time by the Nova leadership, and we are also available to answer some questions.

For developers, we can also provide suggestions on a contribution to Navigator (e.g., a new node that does a new classification task, like recognizing brake lights; or refactoring an existing node to use a different implementation; etc). Our github project is also public, so you can see what features or maintenance we plan to do. It is a lot of work, so give us a heads up if you plan to embark on the open door!

Note - our members each Fall get access to our server to work on the onramp. Requests for accounts on this machine to pursue the open door may be granted, provided we feel like we have the extra compute resources.