As with any opportunity Nova offers the chance to dive in as deep as you want to go. We have some members who spend nearly every free moment on the project. In the end, it is up to you to put in the effort to get something tangible out of Nova. That said, we’ve come up with some basic expectations to make sure the team works well as a whole.

Expectations of Members

  • A minimum commitment of 5 hours per week.
  • Attending the weekly team meeting, where we sync up on tasks and coordinate next steps.
  • Communicate status, plans, limitations proactively - plans will inevitably change, so the key is to update team members with progress and plans - largely using our git tasks and also through MS Teams.
  • Don’t block a task. Pick up a task, then work on the task. Don’t let an assigned task sit in your queue for long.
  • Participate in our outreach activities! We will have several events throughout the year, so pick a few to attend.
  • Teach yourself what you need. Undergrad involvement in Nova is all about learning new things. So dig deep and teach yourself new skills. The internet has placed pretty much everything within reach, so go harvest it.
  • Teach and help each other. We’re all learning together and we’ll all learn faster if we help each other. While it is on you to learn what you need to know, reaching out to others for some assistance is definitely a good way to learn.
  • Be nice.